Zander Grayjoy

Level 1 Human Fighter, Neutral Good


Wisdom: 6
Dexterity: 7
Constitution: 17
Charisma: 13

Armor Class: 3
Maximum HP:

Inventory: * Shield

  • Banded Armor AC: 4
  • Scimitar (sword) , Close S/M: 1d8 LG: 1D8
  • Broad Sword, Close S/M: 2D4 LG:1D6 +1
  • Trident, Med S/M: 2D7 LG: 3D12
  • Lucern Hammer, Close S/M: 2D8 LG: 1D6

Zander, a fighter from Neverwinter, was originally part of the city guard. During his time with the guard he learned much about the ways of combat, and of handling of any situation. As time moved on, Zander defended Neverwinter countless times and eventually was awarded a promotion to battalion leader. During a patrol, Zander’s battalion came across a goblin raiding party. The battalion fought and drove them back in to a cave mouth. Zander, feeling overconfident because how the battle was going, ordered his men into the cave where the goblins laid in wait with reinforcements and wiped out the entire battalion, all but Zander. Zander left Neverwinter, shamed and with nothing to live for.

Zander Grayjoy

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